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Are YOU Happy With What You Find?...

by Alex Okoroji

See - The Greatest Challenge is discovering who YOU really are.

The second greatest is staying happy with what you find. 😁

A few days ago, I received an email that put music in my heart.

There is this beautiful woman who is NOW in love with me. (figuratively speaking ofcourse). πŸ’ƒπŸ˜‰

Thanks to reading my new book Uncovered! . The truth is that while I had nicely asked her for a routine feedback a week ago, her response was completely unexpected, especially since this amazing lady already left a nice comment on instagram when she had just bought the book.

I can't tell you how happy it made me, because I realised that the book was achieving its goal of helping the reader to look inside themselves, reflect and see if they were happy with what they find.

Since uncovering my best self and taking that NAKED Road from the timid girl I used to be. Timid, because I initally lacked the confidence and courage I needed, to step out in all of my Greatness, butt naked for the world to see. I didn't like that despite being multi-talented - I was still fearful and operating with so much restriction. And I realised things needed to change for the world to celebrate me.

After so much growth - I knew I had to write "Uncovered" in the exact NAKED way, I wrote it - for it to truly change lives. I knew I had to go all out. And BARE it all in Truth - Because living in my truth, is the way I know how to honor God. πŸ™Œ

Everyday I get reminded of why I do what I do, despite the fact that success can sometimes be a lonely journey.

Still I have stayed committed to impacting lives in my own little way, with THE NAKED PHILOSOHY at the cost of sacrificing my old mindset and celebrity lifestyle.

I know this for a fact...

There comes a time when you have to decide what you want AND if you really want it.

And If you want IT, you will have to WORK for it.

YOU can't do the same old thing, the same old way and expect amazing NEW results.

  • You will have to challenge yourself to step out of your norm.
  • You will have to push yourself beyond your limitations.
  • You may have to wake up early or go to bed late.
  • You may miss some parties, events or TV Shows.
  • You might even lose some fake friends in the process.

And discover who really is in your corner.

But if you want it, you've got to put in the work.

I know the courage, vulnerability and time it took for me to write✍️ "Uncovered", and do it in a way that will give you the FIRE to light up, be more and do more. Of course, I had moments when I asked myself - Will they miss the message? Am I sharing too much info? Will they feel motivated? Will this spark an internal fire for more greatness.

Truth be told, UNCOVERED was a labor of love. Like everything I do. ❀

Receiving her email literally gave me life. I was so emotional, because I could innately feel her sincerity, and gosh have I been down that road before, shrinking myself and thinking I had to hide away.

I can't believe how inspired I feel for inspiring someone to stand up to face her own greatness. I call it "The Reverse Inspiration". And the feeling never gets old.

I gratefully replied her and asked her for permission to share her email with the world, and she said YES.

So here are screenshots below...

Review Screenshot 1 of Uncovered Book by Alex Okoroji
Review Screenshot 2 of Uncovered Book by Alex Okoroji
Review Screenshot 3 of Uncovered Book by Alex Okoroji
Review Screenshot 4 of Uncovered Book by Alex Okoroji

I'm so so grateful to UK based Lifestyle Blogger, Abi Opall from for buying the eBook version, taking the time to really read it and write me. πŸ™

This means so much, so so much. Not many people take the time to tell you how deeply your work has affected or inspired them. Sometimes they just take the motivation and go their way, without telling you how much you impact them. She even inspired other people in her tribe, to buy the book yesterday.

If you have been wondering whether you should read my book "Uncovered". In honor of its One Month Anniversary - I think you should take the chance and go to πŸ‘‡

It's available in Print and eBook (the eBook 40% Special Discount is still on).

The feedback from Men and Women have been amazing. There is something there for everyone, no matter your level of expertise or experience. This is not some "Ra-ra" boring Motivational Mumbo-jumbo. It's HARDCORE TRUTH, I have uncovered by experience. I dish the good stuff and the ugly ones. And I think you might laugh a little with all my silly whims.

It's possible that You already feel like you are Great - But here's a chance to UNCOVER a new level to your Greatness. And Yup! Real Achievers know there is always a NEW LEVEL to achieve.

P.S: While you are at it, please check out Abi's Blog --> CLICK TO VISIT ABISCOPE...(I checked it out and found some very insightful article on budgeting and more. And she has inspired me to go back to look at my personal accounting).


Abi Opall is a wife, a mother of two and a lifestyle blogger at An avid writer and motivator, based in the U.K. She is passionate about supporting people to reach their full potential and open to sharing her own life experiences to encourage others.

Happy Saturday Truth-Seeker!

To Your Success,

Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!

Alex Okoroji

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